This product is a non interest bearing Demand deposit account (DDA) for Corporate Organizations, SMEs, businesses in which funds deposited are payable on demand either in person or by presentation of a cheque by a third party, bank draft, direct debit, electronic fund transfer

Target Market

  • Corporate Customers
  • SME Customers


  • Accounts denominated in GMD (also available in GBP, EURO& USD).
  • Free monthly email statement.
  • Access to e-banking products e.g. SMS alerts, ATM services.
  • Competitive monthly charges.
  • Dedicated relationship Manager.
  • Enjoy networked and efficient banking services
  • Regular deposits (standing order, direct credit/debit arrangements available)
  • Cash collection services available


  • It is designed to meet the day to day banking needs of our corporate customers.
  • This is a non-interest-bearing current account specialized to cater for the needs of business customers.
  • Customers are given a dedicated relationship manager to handle all their banking issues.
  • They can also benefit from our suite of e-banking products as well as other alternative channels of banking

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