A hybrid interest bearing current and savings account targeted at individuals with high credit turnover and high transactional needs.

Target Market

Retail Customers


  • Zero COT.
  • Minimum account opening amount of GMD 100.00. 3. Monthly interest payment on balances above GMD 5,000.00.
  • Use of Withdrawal booklet (not valid for clearing). 5. SMS alerts.
  • Standing order arrangements available
  • Free monthly e-statements & Free email alerts.
  • No limit on withdrawals
  • Other e-banking services available.
  • ATM Cards available.
  • Personal Accident Insurance or Life Assurance applicable on average balances above GMD5,000.00
  • Insurance cover will be up to 10% of value of average balance.

*match savings rate of the institution


  • Easy access to funds 24/7 via any linked ATM
  • Secure means of building funds
  • Instant Transaction Alert
  • Interest on account balances.

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