An instant account to save on behalf of a child below 18 years. The account will be operated on behalf of the children/teens by parents/guardians who wish to nurture the habit of saving in their wards

Target Market

  • FMCG Importers
  • FMCG Distributors
  • Oil and Gas


  • Savings account for children/teens below 18 years 2. Minimum opening balance – GMD 100.00
  • Minimum monthly contribution of GMD 500.00
  • Interest earned is double the bank’s savings rate
  • Savings withdrawal slip
  • No monthly charges & Free monthly e-statements & Free email alerts.
  • Account will be held in trust by parents/guardians until the child turns 18 years.
  • Other e-banking services available.


  • Security as it is saving towards the child’s future
  • Higher Interest earned on Savings.
  • Monitor your child’s account with free quarterly statements and email alerts on account transactions
  • Discounts available at selected bookshops

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